Sunday, May 1, 2016

Studio Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!  I am in the middle of my move to the house I bought.  
Be back next weekend.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Studio Sunday, Free Giveaway Winner and Upcoming Move

Happy Sunday!  We've got beautiful blue skies here today and the grass seems to be getting greener which is a great sign!  Hopefully we won't see any more snow.  I know you are excited to find out who has won the set of the new Garden Party rubber stamps that launched last weekend at

I cut out all the fabulous comments from my blog post and mixed them all up in a bowl and pulled the winner's post!

Congratulations Tina!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy my new stamps and send pictures of what you create with them!!!  Send me an email (mapplinhapp at gmail dot com) with your mailing address and I will get these right out to you!

Over the next few weeks, I will be gearing up to make my next move to a new location!  I'm purchasing a house and will be closing this month!  It's a nice feeling to know that this will be the last move I make for at least 10 years but the thought of packing, organizing and cleaning 2 houses before being able to get settled again is not something I'm looking forward to LOL.  The good thing is that we (me, my sister, niece and nephew) will be moving only a few miles from where we currently are and can take our time preparing.

I promise to share pictures soon!  

Sunday, April 3, 2016



I am sooooo excited to show you this today!  Barbara ( and I have been collaborating more on some rubber stamp ideas and today she is releasing the first set of 13 rubber stamp images.  For those of you who have been hanging around my blog for a few years, you will remember this set of 4 images called Garden Party that were actually thermofax screen designs featured in this DVD back in 2012 where I teach you how to create these types of images in Photoshop Elements 10.  You can still purchase this workshop in digital download or DVD from Interweave.  Click on the image below.

Well, today, they are mini sized and available in top quality cling-back rubber stamp versions on  Click HERE to purchase them from Joggles.  Barbara continues to be an incredible business person, artist and friend and we will be doing more collaborations going forward!!!  Thank you, Barbara!!!

To see Barbara's video demonstration and more pictures of how we used the stamps in designs, click HERE.


So, of course there is a FREE GIVEAWAY!  Simply leave a comment on this post and you will be entered into the giveaway!  I will reveal the winner next Sunday, April 10th!

Don't forget to check out the blog!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Studio Sunday and Quilted Rotational Design

First day of spring and there is snow coming!  I'm sure we are not free of it yet.  I'm always trying to get inspired to revisit fiber art and I pulled out the sewing machine and did some free-motion quilting using one of my rotational designs (14").  The cool look of this is from some old paper towels that I save when they are loaded with color.

I transferred the rotational design lines to a piece of silk organza which made it really easy to free-motion stitch.  Since the stitching perforated the paper towels so easily, I was able to pull the extra away from the stitching lines under the silk.  A little help from tweezers and the little extra pieces came right out.

I've got some variegated silk floss and other great colors that I am going to get started with embellishing.  I don't have my plan 100% pulled together yet, but I'm sure I will get something done before next weekend.  Maybe I will just let this one grow organically.  I'm loving the way the paper towel captures the cool edges and blending of the colors.  I've got a whole stash waiting to be used!

Happy Spring and have a great rest of your weekend!


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Studio Sunday and Rotational Design

What a beautiful day it is here!!!  The crocus are up and the sun is warm.  A perfect day to go house hunting :)  I can't believe it is almost 2 years since we moved into our current house rental!!  Now we've got just about 3 months to find a new rental or buy a house!

In order to keep up with my Studio Sunday posts, I will need some of Sunday to actually create things so my posts will most likely be later in the day.  So...I have a few ideas.  They are really good ideas!  They are kind of still forming but the focus of everything is "rotational design".  I have been having a blast designing in rotation.  Basically, this isn't new for me as you know if you have seen my stencils, you know I have been playing around with rotational designs since last summer.  

What I'm currently working on are additional ways to create personalized, one-of-a-kind designs (medallions, mandalas, or circular designs by any other name) in a rotational format that take on square or circular designs from the inside out.  You can sort of tell from this picture even with the watercolor paint and light pencil lines.

I know, it doesn't look impressive until your bring back all the details to define the areas.  It's the areas that are so different.  The shapes and flow that the finished designs take on using very simple lines.

Then of course the watercolor which I LUV!!!  Some day I will get good at it :)  This example is just ok.  I will be developing more designs and then posting a few videos to show you how it all works!

I know my head always gets big thinking about all the ways that designs can be applied and before I go and promise that I will deliver a specific project, I'm going to keep working on these design ideas before I put them out there.  When I have more prepared, I will definitely share.  I think you will really enjoy this!  Stay tuned.....

Until next weekend,

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Studio Sunday and Watercolor Play and Doodling

Welcome to Sunday!  I hope you have had a creative week!  I had fun doodling with my stencils and watercolors yesterday.  I started by creating a large grid of different sized squares and rectangles (which was actually a stencil I cut) and washed across the page using a light grey.  

Once the grid was in place, I chose different stencils and watercolored them into each section.  There were a couple that I used Distress Ink Pads on but 99% of this is all watercolor.  I discovered a new doodling technique by scribbling through the stencil that I laid on top of the color.  I love this weird scratchy look.

So to go along with that scratchy look, I outlined the squares and some of the stencil images in the same style.  Where extra water created a more blended look and loss of the defined image, I left those areas undefined.

Some of the stencil images continued into the next space and I went along with that when I outlined them and the blocks where they overlapped.  I think it created a really interesting look.

This was a lot of fun and I plan on doing more of this inside my watercolor journal.

There are more stencils coming and even rubber stamps with imagery taken from my earlier Thermofax Screen designs.  I can't wait and will keep you updated!

Have a great weekend and keep on creating!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Studio Sunday Watercolor Journal and Magazine Article

Well, I can finally share my exciting news with you!  I am so thrilled to have a new article coming out in the next issue of Zen Doodle Workshop magazine!!!!  I created brand new artwork using my Medallion Master Template stencils with a fun twist and I can't wait for you to see it.  If you haven't yet, check out the two issues of Zen Doodle Workshop that are already available!  I think the new issue will be on the newsstands in May but I will confirm.

Last weekend I was running around between the Cape and Rhode Island dodging snow storms!  I visited my awesome friends at their new east coast apartment in downtown Yarmouth.  What an adorable little town!  Then it was on to Rhode Island to hang with Barbara from for some super creative brainstorming.  I hope to be developing some new products and new stencil designs as well.

I'll provide more details soon!  Barbara is bring in fantastic new watercolor paints by Kuretake Gansai Tambi that were so much fun to work with.  Watch for Joggles to get these in stock because if you love watercolor, you will love these.  The color is intense but you can control how much you use.  I was having fun layering some of the Joggles stencils with the watercolor paints.  I have labeled the images with the names of the Joggles stencils for your information.  I love the Floral Fantasy Mask up top for layering.

The Punchinella Quintet and the two Trios are really great to have on hand for layering stencils in different scales.  The stencil in the background below is great as an all over background.  It looks like a stone path.  I was playing with my Medallion Master Template 6 to see what one of the center stencils would look like layered upon itself with the watercolors and it was so cute that I had to cut it out and use it here.  The color in the background on this page was created using Lindy's sprays and when you look at it up close you can see the sparkles.  It looks so soft and twinkley!

Barbara had some adorable papers so I was experimenting with materials for small collages including Ice Resin paper and burlap ribbon.  I LUV this neutral-toned collage!!!

Barbara cut out a lot of butterflies for me LOL.

These last two pages below are works in process!  Who knows what they will look like a week from now.  I had fun experimenting with color and scale.  If they develop into something good, I will share.

Happy Valentine's Day to all the beautiful hearts and souls out there !!!!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

Studio Sunday Watercolor Play

It is scary how fast life goes flying by!  I lost all of last weekend due to an intense but fast moving head cold then I immediately began prepping for a colonoscopy LOL.  I worked all day yesterday finalizing the article I am writing for one of the Interweave magazines and today I've got some intense designing I need to work on.  I was inspired to try this idea that I had been thinking about with watercolor paints and I think it came out pretty cool.

First of all, that ugly mess in the middle is supposed to be rocks and grass but I haven't defined anything yet with my Pitt Pen LOL.  I used a stencil of a tree that I drew and added lots of paint brush leaves in a few tones of green to create all the leaves.  I had to add some sky. 

I think I will call this my "Save the Planet" painting (half joking).  I love the look of the watercolor leaves and the canopy created as I added more leaves.

This was a fun idea which I will probably continue to work on when I have more time.

For now, back to work and Happy February everyone!!!