Sunday, June 16, 2013


We finally had some good weather this weekend so we took my Dad to lunch and we were able to eat outside!  It was great!

We are missing one very important Dad, my superman brother-in-law, who is spending some very important time with his own Dad this weekend.  I can't share this information on this blog, but our hearts go out to his Dad on this very significant day in his life.  Emotions are high and we praying for miracles.

Today, I posted this on FaceBook:

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD!!! Thank you for all your love and support and FORGIVENESS like for that time that I backed the station wagon into the side of the house and cut the cable wire. Or...that time I slid the car down the ice-covered driveway and rear-ended you just as you are positioning the CB antenna on top of your van. Or...maybe for the time I took you to look at the one car I totaled that you had financially backed me on. And you thought having girls was gonna be a breeze!!! Love you always for loving me  XOXOXOX

I've never felt more strongly about taking advantage of the time you have with family and loved ones than I do today.  Reconcile your relationships because you never know what tomorrow brings.  Don't take for granted the last phone call you had with a family member or close friend.  This is the time to be "in" these relationships before those opportunities are taken from you and it's too late.

I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day whether you are celebrating your Dad in person or in memory.

Love you, Dad XOXOXOX


HollyM said...

I do so agree. I did take the time to repair my relationship with my dad who died early at 52.
Since its just my husband and I t home, I tried to honor his fatherhood all day. We visited my father in law too.

elle said...

Great post, Margi. Nice to see you with your family. Aren't Dad's great! My Dad never said he loved me but I know he did as he often would say, "what kept you, daw ter?" lol I do miss him, and at the oddest times! :)

Shankar Chavan said...

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